Publications for Sale

The publications listed on this page are available for purchase using the mail-in Order Form, as described in the section below, or using PayPal, as described in the next section.

Purchase Publications Using the Mail-in Order Form

To order using the mail-in Publications Order Form, click here. (Order Form coming shortly)

You can hand in your Order Form at an OCHS event, or send it in by mail. Please make any checks out to “Orange County Historical Society.”

Purchase Publications Using PayPal

1. Choose each item you wish to purchase by clicking the corresponding “Add to Cart” button. The PayPal form, which launches in a separate tab/browser window, lets you make adjustments to your order. You can add additional copies of an item or remove items in your shopping cart.

2. Follow the instructions on the PayPal order page to complete and process your order online.


*denotes publications by OCHS
Shipping and handling: $4.00 first item, $1.00 each additional item. Except items denoted by “+” are $5.00 first item, $1.00 each additional item.