March 2014 Event: Field trip to Calico Ghost Town – Lecturer: Phil Brigandi – Town Guide: Serena Steiner

Calico Ghost Town, photo courtesy O.C. History Roundup Blogspot by Chris Jepsen

On Saturday, March 22, 2014, OCHS will take a day trip to the fascinating Calico ghost town in San Bernardino County. Our group will be escorted by motorcoach and provided an onboard lecture by Phil Brigandi. Once arriving at our destination, Calico historian Serena Steiner will give us a walking tour of the town. After the tour, we will have free time to wander and explore the town, visit the Lane Museum, and maybe even see Boot Hill.

Lunch is on your own, so be sure to bring additional cash for your meal at the Calico House Restaurant, as well as some optional attractions you may want to check out:

  • The Maggie Mine – Tour this 1890s mine ($2.00)
  • Pan for Gold ($2.00)
  • Mystery Shack – Cousin of Knott’s Haunted Shack ($2.00)
  • Calico-Odessa Railway – Tour Calico on the type of train that used to haul at the mines ($4.00)


Follow up to the Calico Ghost Town field trip: